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Opening 2019 Derdaele+ Lommel I Qontact Limburg

We blikken terug naar een geslaagde opening van 2019: Een selecte groep van 150 ondernemers zakte af naar Derdaele +. Patric Derdaele liet onze Qontacters hoogtpersoonlijk kennis maken met de wereld van industriële gebouwen, dit doormiddel van een blik achter de schermen te geven. We sloten de avond meer als succesvol af met zinvolle Qontacten!

Geplaatst door Qontact op Maandag 28 januari 2019

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Aftermovie new year’s event Qontact at Derdaele+

This year, Qontact held its annual new year’s event at Derdaele+ construction builders. I filmed the event and edited the event movie.

Callexcell I Qontact Limburg

Het dynamische groeibedrijf Callexcell opende haar tweede site in Luik. Leading lady Karin Van De Velde: "Naast onze site in Sint-Truiden kozen we voor een tweede vestiging in Wallonië, veel van onze mensen woonden reeds in Luik, hierdoor winnen zij alleen maar levenskwaliteit." Bekijk hier in primeur het sfeerverslag van de officiële inhuldiging!

Geplaatst door Qontact op Dinsdag 12 februari 2019

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Opening new Callexcell site in Liège.

Callexcell opens a new office in Val Benoit, Liège. I filmed the event and edited the movie.

The Boho Island!

A great party deserves great food and catering with an eye for details! #thebohoisland #cegeka #atelierv #thecateringcompany #adevents #solidrent #hemera

Geplaatst door Atelier V op Donderdag 14 juni 2018

On 23, Jul. 2018 | No Comments | In | By levideo

The Boho Island – Atelier V (refresh page if video doesn’t load)

The Boho Island – Aftermovie for catering company Atelier V. Atelier V wanted a a mix of 80% food and 20% experience. The event was the yearly company party of the IT company Cegeka.

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NORRIQ Benelux – Aftermovie Inspiration Day

Aftermovie for the NORRIQ Inspiration Day.

Digital transformation is no longer a hype. New technologies such as virtual & mixed reality, artificial intelligence etc. are often already integrated into current business processes. The next big step is automation. At the NORRIQ Inspiration Day, which took place on 25/01/18, we shared insights about what your business future would look like. The possibilities are endless; the only limitation seems to be your own imagination.

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Yes2me event – Aftermovie

Aftermovie voor een event van Yes2me.

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Elvis Presley about to perform in the “City of the blues”: Peer, Belgium

Mini series about Elvis Presley (indeed, he is not dead!) who takes a trip to the city of the blues, Peer, Belgium, to perform in a fantastic show, at the “Het Poorthuis” on march 4, 2017.

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Built by life

Built By Life

Vince McIntyre, a Canadian farmer is preserving a way of life from a bygone age. Despite the challenges, Vince is farming without machinery, inspired by techniques he observed as a boy in post-war Ireland. Music by the lovely Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

I did the edit and color correction.

On 23, Okt 2017 | No Comments | In | By levideo

Insane Biking – Andrew Ingram

Andrew Ingram wants to join the US Mountain biking Pro Tour.
I did the edit and color grading.

Music: Nick Sadler “The Problem” remixed by PLOCKROY (That is me by the way. Check out my soundcloud page: or on )

Footage provided by Editstock. It was only 1280x720px and heavily compressed.

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MARBLE SOUNDS – “Photographs”

Photographs’ is the third single taken from Marble Sounds’ “Dear Me, Look Up” album. : Levi Lenaerts (
Photographs : © Molly Lichten (…)

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Chantal Acda feat. Peter Broderick – Arms Up High

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Let Your Hands Be My Guide’ – out 11.11.13 on Gizeh Records. Order / More information:

Directed.shot.editited by Levi Lenaerts